The 300 Advantage equips our local partners with the horsepower to protect their core business relationships and continues to serve their customers during the high demands of hail repair, for example. We ensure the least amount of business disruption as possible, which protects the core businesses of dealerships, body shops, fleets, and insurers as well.

The ideal mobile on-demand Field Service Approach solution can immensely help hail management organizations make the transition to a proactive business model. Our migration to a world class technology solution enables us to monitor field execution, track valuable customer information, and quickly respond to changing requirements.

Workforce Optimization

Workforce optimization allows us to tightly manage work orders, data and productivity. 300 scheduling software provides the foundation for automating these operations, while electronic mobile integration and other technology tools enhance workflow performance.


All this systematized functionality enables field technicians to have real-time information in the palm of their hands. Active feedback loops that drive performance become the norm, and all stakeholders benefit from a results driven platform.

Instant Scheduling and Dispatching

300’s graphical scheduler provides easy scheduling of all open claims against the time slots the field staff have available. A color-coding functionality for each process step enables quicker identification of the current-status of each claim.