How Do We Do It?

The 300 Advantage at the core is simply a PERFECT NETWORK. We equip our local partners with the tools  to protect their core business relationships and continue to serve their customers during the high demands of hail repair.

Our system utilizes real-time information between all local network partners and the field technicians. A more timely and accurate view of field force activities ensures high levels of overall service and boosts performance across the entire scope of the event. Our collaborative environment keeps vehicles in motion.

Experience Matters


To become a 300 Master Certified Technician we require a journeyman level skill set, and each of the 300 must possess a strong soft skill mindset as well. Our 300 Certified program is a soft skill intensive program that ensures a world-class service experience in the field. We weave in a variety of clinics over the multi-day training which include, but are not limited to:

  • The 300 core values, which guides how we interact with others in the field.
  • Advanced dent repair
  • Efficient work stall utilization
  • Highly orchestrated teamwork
  • Scheduling & communication
  • Professional supplementing
  • High personal
    appearance standards
  • Damage analysis

Proactive Management

Customers today won’t accept a delay in service and poor turn-around time. We are committed to transparent workforce planning and scheduling, which strengthens our partnerships.

With rising expectations of the new-age customer who is armed with new technology, the landscape of field service is continuously transforming. To become truly customer focused, hail management organizations must take field excellence beyond the status quo of business as usual.

Certified Network Partners

If a hail storm hits a major/minor city, the scramble begins. The unknowns often creates false urgency and resource misallocation. PDR companies are heading to the event, insurers are waiting to see if a CAT event is at play, and body shops are having customers line up for estimates. This certainly isn’t the calm after the storm.

The 300 Certified Network Partners provide real-time intelligence before, during, and after the storm. They service local dealerships, body shops, and fleets year-round, and they are the real intelligence at the source.They have the ability to engage their customers immediately, providing the highest level of service.

The 300 Advantage™ equips our local partners with the horsepower to protect their core business relationships and continue to serve their customers during the high demands of hail repair. We ensure the least amount of business disruption as possible, which protects our clients core business within auto dealerships, body shops, fleet companies, and insurers alike.

Operational Flexibility

The current state of how we manage hail events gets the job done. The 300 Advantage takes into account the numerous opportunities along the way that could have been leveraged to increase performance and service level deliverables?