Do you already have a strong presence in your local market?  Do you have a game plan in place for when your area gets hit with hail?  The keys to success when a hail storm hits your area are preparation and organization. Having the correct personnel and systems in place to succeed is not a simple task. Our business model is designed to help those that see both the need for this service and understand the importance of these keys to success.

A local hail event is a make or break way to grow your day-to-day PDR business.  If you maximize the storm, it will lead to a lifetime relationship with new customers that will come to you for all their future needs for PDR work.  At the same time, a poorly run storm can lead to an onslaught of bad reviews that could damage your reputation, that takes years of work to overcome.  

By partnering with 300, we do the heavy lifting after the storm hits, which allows you to continue to focus on your normal day to day business. 300 is committed to working with you to help you manage the day-to-day turbulence of a hail storm, with the goal of leaving your local business in a much stronger position.


With the 300 Advantage, you can rest easy, process work quickly
and deliver repairs to happy customers on time.


Beyond helping you maintain the accounts you already have, we want to help you expand your business, as well. Our goal is to create a massive network of like-minded, business focused, PDR companies across the country.  We like to call it “The Perfect Network”. We are working on creating relationships with MSO’s and dealer groups that are currently contracted by national PDR companies which do not recognize the importance of having a continued, professional, local presence in the hail affected markets. By having this network in place with you, we can together offer these high volume accounts an advantage both when a hail storm hits and long term. We at 300 have a criteria list which we use before selecting a partner, and we fully expect our partners to do the same when considering a relationship with us. If you are interested in finding out more information on this opportunity, please reach out to one of the 300 principle partners listed below.