As a premier collisions repair center in your community, we know how important it is for you to protect your brand. The 300 Advantage operating model is fueled through a set of core values that are principled in protecting your core business and brand reputation.

Core Values

1. Active learners:
Always skeptical of our own self.

2. Excellence:
The spirit of excellence is always visible.

3. We give a crap:
We leave people and places better off.

4. We take-action:
Doing the right thing never requires approval.

5. Enjoyable:
We’re good people to hang around.

6. Practical:
We work with what we have and don’t complain.

7. We don’t settle:
Our values are non-negotiable.


We understand the value of speed and accuracy in today’s highly competitive landscape. 300’s parallel claims process helps you manage claims quickly and efficiently, by bringing the right people, technology and processes that are aligned with your business.

When a hailstorm hits, you can fear it or embrace it with confidence. We equip you with a readiness plan that allows you to feel fully confident in embracing the storm and standing out in the market as a leader.


With the 300 Advantage, you can rest easy, process work quickly
and deliver repairs to happy customers on time.